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HTR Series Baler

HTR Series

Kadant PAAL’s HTR baler is a fully automatic, high-compaction two-ram baler offered with a plastic strap or steel wire tying system and a patented telescopic tunnel for maximum throughputs.

The multipurpose baler is capable of baling municipal solid waste (MSW), refuse derived fuel (RDF), and agriculture material (including alfalfa, grass, and straw) as well as the full range of recyclable materials like mixed paper, OCC, PET, and plastics.


  • Polyester straps
  • Patented telescopic tunnel design
  • High bale density
  • Range of machines with high specific pressing force developed for the agricultural market


  • Increased throughput – the strapping process can be carried out at the same time as the next bale is being compacted
  • Reduced operating cost

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